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The Fluency Trust

The Fluency Trust is a registered charity, created out of a desire by people who stammer and Speech and Language therapists to provide intensive residential courses for young people who stammer. Our committee consists of adults who stammer and Speech and Language Therapists.

The Fluency Trust has been running intensive courses since 1995 helping young people to overcome the difficulties that stammering can cause. The courses are unique in combining intensive speech therapy with outdoor pursuits and led to the development of the award-winning Swindon Fluency Packs. These have become a popular resource for Speech and Language Therapists.

The combination of challenging activities and intensive therapy is highly effective in developing confidence and the ability to manage stammering positively. We also provide training workshops for professionals and parents.

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The Fluency Trust is unique in providing residential fluency courses in activity centres. We believe that the combination of challenging outdoor activities and intensive therapy are complementary in developing greater confidence and self-esteem. These are vital factors in dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of stammering.


Two day training courses on the Swindon Fluency packs are available for  Speech and Language Therapists.


‘SPEAK!’ The film aims to support, inspire and encourage young people who stammer, as well as educate people about stammering.

Stammurai animation and phone app, made by young people who struggle every day with speech fluency issues.

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